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Welcome to AmmireHaulage

Ammire Haulage is an Electronic Transportation Platform that provides haulage companies, logistics companies, independent transporters, small haulers and owner drivers through its online management tool, back loads and general haulage work they need to improve efficiency and increase profitability by providing back hauling opportunities and route optimization.

Cargo Feight Sharing

No need to pay for the entire truck when all you need is a small space on the truck.

Road Freight Forwarding

Move goods and services across the major cities of West Africa for the best price.


Find rental warehouses for your goods, properties and products. Pay for only the space and based on time used.

Benefits of Ammire Haulage

Our electronic transport marketplace is designed to help transport companies and independent transporters find available haulage work in Nigeria and across major West African Cities.

Grow Your Business

Time is money. The faster your goods move, the better faster your sales.

Cargo Hub

We give you access to several logistics and transport companies as well as loads for your vehicles.

Maximise Efficiency

Delivery of any freight from one place to another place quickly to save you cost and time.

Doorstep Delivery

Our expertise in transport management and planning allows us to design a solution.

Regional Transport

Find transport companies that ship cargo to major cities in West Africa.

Trusted Network

We verify every haulage company and owner operators that join our network for your security.

What's included?

Free Registration

Register for free to start posting loads or vehicles.

24 Hours - Technical Support

Contact us for support anything and receive support.

Get best deals

We Offers intellgent concepts for loads to receive bids from transporters.

Plan Based

Upgrade to best plan for unlimited contracts and jobs.


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